Rendell, Don / Ian Carr Quintet - Phase III / Live 2 x CDs

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The 3rd and 4th albums (both recorded in 1968) by this UK band, which is where Ian Carr, soon to spin off and help found jazz/rock with Nucleus, first gained the public's attention.
Carr (trumpet) and Rendell (flute, clarinet, saxes) Michael Garrick-piano, Dave Green-bass and Trevor Tomkins-drums + guests combined bits of 60's modal jazz and early 60's Ornette free jazz with a noticable Brit-jazz feel to arrive at something else. You can definitely hear traces of Nucleus in the melodic lines, but this is 'jazz' jazz, not jazz/rock.
These have been really rare albums til now, so nice to see them reissued properly and given updated sleeve notes along with the original notes.
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