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Reportaz - Goulash Of Hearts/Gulasz Z Serc

First album in almost 2 decades from this Polish avant band. "Reportaz - established 1982 in Poznan, Poland by Andrzej Karpinski and Piotr Lakomy. The name and idea came from Karpinski who created most of the music and lyrics. The group has emerged from the society of young visual artists. It had punk and new wave roots of the 80-ties. The music evolved throughout time, but never followed any specific trend or had any commercial connotations. It was accompanied by appropriate scenography when played live. The group tried to be as authentic and reliable as possible. The musical and lyrical formula of the group concentrated on creating reports from daily life, not art. Reportaz did not want to be modern. They used popular instruments, but changed their roles in music creation. Reportaz... pointed that good things do not necessary have to be big and shiny, that principles are not the matter of statistics. During the socialist period of Polish history the group was managed by Henryk Palczewski. He promoted their music behind the curtain with some help from independent labels from Great Britain, USA, Belgium and Italy. Reportaz performed live with the American duet Skeleton Crew (Fred Frith, Tom Cora). Since 1985 the group cooperated with film and theatre music composer Lech Jankowski. The music was sporadically presented on the radio, at the theatre or in films. In the 80's Reportaz was the best know polish avant-rock group in the west. In the 90's Reportaz had a break from music. In 2000 there was an effort of reactivating Reportaz with: Karpinski, Dabrowski, Paluch. They failed. Since July 2002 Reportaz exists as "one man band" (Karpinski)."
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