Resonanz - Edel Brand

Johannes Steiner-diatonic harmonica, voice, Amy Denio-alto sax, clarinet, vocals, accordion, Norbert Asen-clarinet, saxophones, chalumeau, voice, Robert Kainar-percussion, drums, trombone, voice.

Another great disc featuring Amy Denio; it isn't her project, but you can hear her sound for certain on this.

"Johannes Steiner is a wonderful, virtuoso Harmonika player based in Salzburg. He invited me to join him for a new project with drummer Robert Kainar, and clarinettist Norbert Asen and so we began to play concerts as Die Resonanz Stanonczi in the spring of 2006. It has been a fantastic learning experience for me - to learn the exquisite songs of Hannes, and to share the joy of improvising, and to appreciate the playful spirit that is at the center of Die Resonanz. We have played many concerts, and are pleasantly surprised when the audiences go wild every time! Our music crosses many borders, between the East and the West, between Structure and Freedom, and it 'resonates' well with all the people we have played for. This new recording is very exciting for us, it was a pleasure to work on the compositions and arrangements and to discover that our voice as a group has synergistically evolved into something very special. Also, it was an honour for me that Hannes asked me to play some accordion on this CD. I wrote a few songs specially for the group, and I am very pleased with the results. We have grown into being a wonderful family, full of love and great communication, and you can hear it in our music."-Amy Denio
  • LabelNo Man's Land
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