Retroheads - Retrospective (special)

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"Making contemporary progressive rock, using the instruments and sounds of the golden era in progressive music, was the main idea behind the Retroheads concept. It started out as one mans dream about a band that could tribute the free spirits of the past, not as copycats, but by adapting the way to think and make music without limits, borders, restrictions, expectations and commercial angles."

"Despite the name, this is not really a retro release. There is organ and mellotron and bass pedals ala 70's prog, but the song structures are more complex and the production is pristine. One can hear echos of Genesis and Pink Floyd, but I found the whole to be very refreshing. There are extended instrumental passages and plenty of distorted guitar solos to offset the dreamy mellotron. The vocals are well done and the female harmony vocals add a nice touch. I can truthfully say it got more play time than any other CD I bought in 2005."-Wade C. Boring
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