Returned To The Earth - Fall Of The Watcher CD

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RTTE main man Robin Peachy:
“I like the meaning behind the phrase Returned To The Earth which is a direct reference to the cycle of life and returning to the soil.
My music is influenced by many styles but mainly between Prog to Alt Rock and my only real criteria is that the music is interesting and fits with the overall feel of the album. I like melody and emotion above virtuosity and I like songs to have the time to breathe and develop naturally.
‘Fall Of The Watcher’ was written and recorded through 2019 - 2021 and reflects the world and my own experiences over this time. It was written as an album to be listened to from start to finish rather than a collection of individual songs and it covers personal loss, the pandemic and a commentary on the state of the world.”
  • LabelGiant Electric Pea
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