Reuter, Markus / Stefano Castagna - Sea of Hopeless Angels CD

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Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® S8, Live Looping
Stefano Castagna: Synths, Samples, Bass, Voice, Percussion, Treatments

“Member of The Stick Men and Tu-Ner, leading polymath composer and touch guitarist Markus Reuter embraces a different and more celestial music in 'Sea of Hopeless Angels', his entrancing duo collaboration with electronic producer/art-rock revivalist Stefano Castagna.
In a free and sinuous narrative, Markus' clean-toned and unedited touch guitar solos merge with Stefano's instinctive counterpart work and sympathetic one-man orchestra. Evocative of the cinematic struggles of the Wim Wenders earthbound angels which partly inspired the recordings, 'Sea of Hopeless Angels' explores an understanding and acceptance of music as being both fundamental and stabilising (while also being a grave and sometimes disruptive weight).”
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