Rothenberg, Ned - Ryu Nashi/No School: New Music for Shakuhachi CD

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"Internationally acclaimed for his solo music since the late ’70s, Ned Rothenberg is one of the world’s most original voices on the shakuhachi. A student of two of the foremost masters of the instrument, Yamaguchi Goro and Yokoyama Katsuya, his style is informed by tradition, but goes beyond it to many new and exciting domains. This CD presents his original music for this unique Japanese end blown flute in beautiful recordings that capture all the subtle nuances of this ancient and profoundly moving instrument. Performed by Ned and some of the foremost players outside Japan, Ryu Nashi is evocative and cutting edge music for shakuhachi."
Riley Lee: Shakuhachi
Ned Rothenberg: Shakuhachi
Stephanie Griffin: Viola
Yoko Hiraoka: Jiuta Shamisen, Voice
Ralph Samuelson: Shakuhachi
  • LabelTzadik
  • UPC702397726722
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