Rubba - Push Button CD

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This is post Soft-Machine, ‘progressive electronic keyboards moods with a futuristic sound’ library music from 1979 by Karl Jenkins and Mike Ratledge.
If your alarm clock played this stuff to get you up in the morning, you would awaken with your muscles flexing as you sped off to save the world...

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“Given that this is a library music record, I feared this may be in the vein of Rubber Riff, a Jenkins library record from 1976 credited to Soft Machine, which was a dull generic fusion-fest. Thankfully, it's really a collection of short synthesizer based themes, with some great synth sounds and arpeggios.
That Mike Ratledge contributes, is a plus. Apparently he was quite well versed in synth technology as Jenkins drafted him to help out on the synth arrangement on one of the post-Ratledge Soft Machine pieces ("Soft Space"). His influence on this album is detectable if you really listen to this (and are familiar with post-Fifth Soft Machine).
It was a real surprise to see these guys churn out an all synth mayhem, given that this was in between Rubber Riff and Land of Cockayne, two Jenkins-led Softs records that are absolutely dispensable. And it's all the better for it. There's loads of complex multilayered analog synth arrangements on this one. There are even bits that are wholly comparable to Tangerine Dream or Kraftwerk.
Many of the tunes are very fast, approximately 150-160 BPM. At times the consistent insistence of fast tempos can get tedious. The two mid-tempo openers are among the best numbers. Overall, a lost classic from the Softs alumni.”-RYM
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