Sündenfall II - Sündenfall II

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Sündenfall II from the Kevelaer area at the Lower Rhine played a mixture of folk and jazz, influenced by Jethro Tull. While their predecessors, Sündenfall, exclusively dedicated themselves to jazz, the group included folk after a change in line-up and band name (following the example of Amon Düül II). In 1972, Hubert Schmitz invited the band into his Trepitia film and sound studio in Alpen-Drüpt for free recordings, as he wanted to test the newly installed equipment after a recent move into the new location. Thus the recordings were made for the album "Sündenfall II" (Trefiton HS 1017), which was released in a small edition of 200 copies at the end of 1972. Today it is sold at a price of about €500 to €1000 in mint condition.

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