Sancious, David - Dance Of The Age Of Enlightenment CD

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David Sancious - Acoustic Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals
Ernest Carter – Drums, Percussion
Gerry Carboy - Bass
Patti Scialfa - Vocals (Overture)
Gail Moran - Vocals (1st Movement)

This is the famous, 1976 album by David Sancious and his band Tone that fell into a no man’s land of business issues during a despute as he had left Columbia Records for whom it was originally recorded and was planned to be released on Arista, who had just signed him.
This dispute led to only a handful of promos getting out before the various lawsuits and writs ended up with the album being shelved for nearly 50 years! Welcome, friend!

“Sancious recorded his most ambitious album, Dance of the Age of Enlightenment, in 1976. Conceived as a ballet in four movements, at the time of the recording, technology did not allow for synthesizers to play more than one note at a time. To create the sound of an orchestral ensemble every part of the orchestration had to be painstakingly overdubbed individually by Sancious on a Moog Synthesizer.
Despite the music's quality, Sancious was notified by his record company that the album would not be released. Outside of bootlegs, Dance of the Age of Enlightenment has remained in the vault... until now.
Remastered from the original master tapes under David Sancious' supervision.”
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