Schindler, Udo / Jaap Blonk - Hillside Talks

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“Schindler is playing a brass instrument (trumpet or trombone) when this disc begins which works well with Mr. Blonk’s unique voice. Blonk returns Schindler's squealing and mawing trumpet lute with impossible tongue beats, farting or hissing tongue and hilarious announcements, including ducklike sounds. To capricious humor he tells jokes without words, he tries to make intelligible with comic sounds and with xenophonic singing. To do this, he computerized dirty tones and chirping Klingklang to continue to shoot and chatter. What loonytun-eske declamations, in phonetic poetry, now the double bass clarinet, which is scourged electronically. Yodelling on valium. Slow-motion Lullaby - too delicately sucked and wavy mouthpiece tricks. Low-pitched pops, creaky root system, roaring cries, squeezed trumpet lutes, twittering R2-D2-moderately and glass-sounding shell, accentuated, excited flickered by a video-gambling. A balancing tuba harvests awesome and lively resonances, foolish scatcaprioles. Blonk, a cyborg of play and stuff. Schindler, just with Pocket trumpet, now in abyss again. Where he shines himself with Altissimo himself. Where Blonk tunes a balrog blues, electronically pouting. That's what I call true play without borders and hilarious.“-Rigobert Dittmann
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