Science Group - Spoors

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Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer-keyboards & sampler
Bob Drake-bass, occasional guitar & organ
Chris Cutler-drums & electrified kit
Mike Johnson-guitars

Muchly awaited and anticipated 'instrumental complex rock deluxe' album. Mike Johnson is a great guitarist, and one of the aspects of his greatness is the fact that he doesn't show off, but only uses his talents as needed to put whatever he plays on in the best light. Well, the best light here includes some hellacious playing from him and from the others as well.
"A dense, composed, gallon-in-a-pint kind of a record about the outer edges of hard science. Tightly composed, complex and layered. Some changes from Volume One. These are instrumental pieces, and the band is now a quartet. Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, Bob Drake and Chris Cutler are joined by guitarist Mike Johnson of Thinking Plague. The music remains somewhere between intense contemporary complexity and rock - passing most points between. Tickmayer's compositional language is....unique and complex and extremely broad - no influence is seemingly outlawed, and this makes for a genuinely unclassifiable form that resembles nothing else I have ever heard."-Chris Cutler
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