Second Hand - Reality CD (expanded)

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"This still holds its ground after 38 years. Its unusual mix of poetic psych with heavy episodes and progressive structures is inventive... 'The World Will End Yesterday' is an acid-drenched classic." --The Tapestry Of Delights

“Second Hand's groundbreaking debut album "Reality" from 1968 is a captivating journey into experimental psychedelia that defies categorization.
This 2023 remastered edition by Prof. Stoned elevates the dark and introspective world of Denis James the Clown as he spirals into disintegration, intensifying it's raw energy, intricate sound effects, and haunting vocals. A true hidden gem of British Psychedelia, revered by Pete Townsend of The Who, "Reality" continues to break free from the monotony, offering an authentic and highly unique musical experience even well over 50 years after it's initial release.
This edition includes a 12-page booklet with album and band history, as well as rare photos, adding further depth to the immersive journey. First official US release.”
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