Serendip-o-Matic - Post Mortal Songs

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A project by the duo of Jeroen Visser (keyboards, baritone sax, bass, samples, vox) - Jeroen makes music as well as recordings and produces. He kept busy musically or soundwise with among others the following: Ensemble Ray, Pale Nudes, David Moss, Luigi Archetti, the Ex, Cedric Vuille, Tom Cora, the Hat Shoes, King Fmm, and toured quite some time around the world and Fredi Flkiger (drums, guitar, vox) Fredi was or is involved with the following bands: Circus Federlos Band, Ka-dash, Arkadash, Co Streiff sextet, Ben Jeger Orkester, King Fmm, Pale Nudes. "This is a Dutch-Swiss cooperation of ex-Pale Nudes veterans Fredi Flkiger and Jeroen Visser that has been yeasting as a studio project for the last 4 years. They discovered, while listening through old shelved recordings already declared dead, wonderful audiophile details and artefacts saved on nearly forgotten media like 4-track compact cassettes. They put themselves to work with some of the dead sounds (sound-scapes, percussive snippets, acoustical theatre-scenery) to revive, edit and sculpture them with a variety of instruments and voices. The result is a collection of songs, styles and atmospheres, being unfaded from beyond. Great care has been taken to leave the sonographic artefacts intact, instead of using modern studio tools to quantize roughness into place. We believe this has added much of the spontaneous liveband feel, although being produced by only two musicians in a studio project. ...what happens when you die seems quite well-known: After the dark ride through the underpass, you see the clear blinding light. Heavens, Nirvana, Eden? No, it is a simple neon-light. You find yourself back in the tumult of the immense postmortal bus-terminal. You notice rather quickly you cannot remember either the bus number (or have you ever known?) nor the end station. The change is missing, and what language are those drivers speaking?.." [121234]
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