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“We’ve waited long for life signs from Seven Impale, meanwhile the members have been busy with life. Vocalist/guitarist Stian graduated from the Grieg Academy as an opera singer and launched an international career. Keyboardist Håkon joined Enslaved. Some got kids, and some finished their education. Life happened. Though, truth being told, the guys have kept the band, if not warm, at least lukewarm. And now, the long-awaited third album from Seven Impale is finally here, seven years after “Contrapasso”.
The new album “Summit” continues in a well-known Seven Impale style, blending jazz and progressive rock with more heavy influences into four juggernaut tracks. Without leaving the madness of “City of the Sun” and “Contrapasso” behind, the album gives the music and lyrics the space and time needed to captivate and dazzle.
Seven Impale might have reached the summit on this one, but does it mean they have nowhere to go from here?”
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