Shepik Trio, Brad - Places You'll Go (SACD/CD hybrid)

This is playable on any CD player, but if you pop it into a SACD player, you get all the extra sound quality that SACD's are known for. And it's a *stereo/multi-channel SACD*, which means if you are set up for 5.1 sound, you'll get that! Shepik is a pretty great contemporary guitarist who is especially good at using the modes of Eastern European music in modern jazz/jazz hybrids, which gives him a very distinctive sound. This new one features him along with great Hammond B-3 player Gary Versace and double-great drummer Tom Rainey and there's a bit less of that Eastern Eurpean thing going on here - it's more jazz-as-jazz, but nothing with Tom Rainey on it is going to be less than very fine!
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