Skogsberg, Joakim - Jola Rota vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

Originally on the very, very collectable and rare Gump label (my pal, drummer & record collector Peter Nordins, of Anekdoten, gave me a GUMP t-shirt for my birthday some years ago!) Weird doesn't even begin to cover this one! Only 500 copies were / will be made of this one. Get this one while you can!

"First time official lp reissue of one of Sweden's greatest and sadly unknown psychedelic treasure is this sole album by Joakim Skogsberg out of 1971. The album Jola Rota is about Joakim Skogsberg's love for the grandiose Swedish landscapes, which has put its imprint upon his songs. On Jola Rota Joakim single-handedly created a minimal psychedelic and acid folk masterpiece infused with incredible soundscapes of derailed fuzzed out violins, soaring guitars, rattling hand percussion, droning vocals and pulsating bass rhythms, complimented by Joakim's 'jolor,' a special singing style with roots in an ancient Swedish tradition of folk music. The album was for the most part recorded out in the woods, with a portable Nagra reel-to-reel tape recorder and a simple Philips cassette recorder. Upon completion it was suggested for the album to appear on Gump Records, a subsidiary of Metronome. The music was just too underground and weird to be in Metronome's register. Apart from Joakim's original recordings, some overdubs and effects were done in the studio during the autumn of 1971. Some of the droning sounds on the record were recorded in a tiny closet in Kärrtorp; a suburb to Stockholm where Joakim was living at the time. The album was pressed into approximately 1000 copies and only about 300 to 400 copies were actually sold. The rest of them were melted down and used in the pressing of other Gump records, making Jola Rota a much rumored and sought after Swedish droned-out and mesmerizing psychedelic artifact. This edition Jola Rota comes housed in high quality sturdy hard card mini-LP styled gatefold sleeve. Original artwork is faithfully reproduced and previously unpublished archival pictures can be found with the liner notes. Mastered from the original master tapes."
  • LabelSubliminal Sounds
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