Snakefinger - Chewing Hides The Sound 2 x CDs (expanded)

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Nice to see this, the first solo album by Snakefinger, that was released to great acclaim in 1979 on the Resident's Ralph label. A minor classic of whatever it is that the Residents and assorted acts are!

""Chewing Hides The Sound" came out in 1979 on Ralph Records. It includes classics such as his Kraftwerk cover "The Model", "What Wilbur?" and "Picnic In The Jungle". The songs on the album were co-written with The Residents. The music showcased Lithman's distinctive slide guitar playing and often surreal imagery.
At the same time, a string of singles was released. All tracks that were exclusive to these releases are added as bonus tracks here.
Very recently, a so far unknown remix of the whole album was discovered in the Residents' archive. It was made in 1987 in preparation for the Snakey Wake by The Residents and has never been published in any form.
Klanggalerie are now proud to present you this lost gem for the first time ever on this double CD.

Disc 1:
• The Model
• Kill The Great Raven
• Jesus Was A Leprechaun
• Here Comes The Bums
• The Vivian Girls
• Magic And Ecstasy
• Who Is The Culprit And Who Is The Victim?
• What Wilbur?
• Picnic In The Jungle
• Friendly Warning
• I Love Mary
• The Vultures Of Bombay
• The Spot
• Smelly Tongues
• Talkin' In The Town

Disc 2:
o What Wilbur (Alternate Version)
o The Vivian Girls (Alternate Version)
o Kill The Great Raven (Alternate Version)
o Interlude
o Here Come The Bums (Alternate Version)
o Magic And Ecstasy (Alternate Version)
o Friendly Warning (Alternate Version)
o Talkin' In The Town (Alternate Version)
o Who Is The Culprit And Who Is The Victim (Alternate Version)
o I Love Mary (Alternate Version)
o The Vultures of Bombay (Alternate Version)
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