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"Over two years after Steamboat Switzerland hit the (post-) improv and (post-) noise scene with their Live CD, only now do the long awaited follow up CDs appear. If the debut CD presented a patchwork of improvisation, own and foreign compositions and rock pieces, Budapest and ac/dB [Hayden] are compact, integral and equally imploring monolithic works. And yet the two CDs couldn't be more different. Budapest is the result of a purely improvised concert they gave in Danube metropolis in the Fall of 1999. The noise and prog rock roots have been compressed so much that there are no more clich├ęs nor more citations, only tension that bursts asunder. The CD was mixed and co-produced by Stephan Wittwer, who contributed the intro, a little gem about the state of being chopped up. The grunge track that the band played following their improvisation, as an encore, is also a composition from Wittwer. The liner notes to this CD were written by Dietmar Dath.""
Steamboat Switzerland are a great, Hammond organ, bass & drums trio who constantly switch back & forth between heavy organ-driven progressive ala Egg & Collegium Musicum & equally great improvisations/noise interludes that use the many sounds that can be pulled out of the mighty Hammond! This is a live album of a purely improvised concert that concentrates on the more noisy aspects.
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