Sunny Five - Candid CD

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Tim Berne: Alto Saxophone
Marc Ducret: Vendramini Guitars and Table Guitar
Devin Hoff: Electric Bass
Ches Smith: Drums, Electronics
David Torn: Electric Guitar and Live Multi-Looping

“Sunny Five brings together five of the most prominent voices on the New York jazz scene. This group of friends pursues a creative vision that explores the juxtaposition of pure acoustic sonic elements and the integration of electric/ electronic sound-generation.
“We hear Tim Berne’s saxophone – rectilinear, concise, insistent – interacting/intoning with and through the deeply textural sound worlds of David Torn’s electric/electronic guitar playing, coupled with or countered by guitarist Marc Ducret’s incisive, essentialist virtuosity. There are tensions present that seem unresolvable and made more so by the fathoming sonorities of Devin Hoff’s bass and the metric pliability of Ches Smith’s approach to the drums and electronics ...There are moments in the music where it may be impossible to tell who’s doing what... and by what means...” writes Brandon Ross in the liner notes, calling this record “Kinetic, mysterious, cinematic and heroically exciting.”
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