Syzygys - The Complete Studio Recordings CD

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Showcasing the inspired, quirky lunacy that seems to only be possible in Japan, Syzygys was a remarkable instrumental duo of two women who performed original pop songs...built upon the framework of Harry Partch's 43 notes to the octave microtonal organ(!!!!) as well as synthesizer, violin, viola, oud, fretless bass and vocals. If I didn't know that it really were true, I wouldn't have believed it possible, but here it is! It also features guests on guitar (including, in another unbelievable twist, Tipographica leader Imahori Tsuneo!), cello, bass, sho and harmonica. Weird and tuneful, it is a joy that these rare recordings are available again. Think of a less minimal version of the Young Marble Giants playing with the Harry Partch ensemble and that will give you somewhat of an idea of what this is about. A twisted delight! [Tzadik]
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