Takase, Aki / Han Bennink - Two For Two CD

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Aki Takase: Piano / Han Bennink: Drums.

"It's hard to imagine anyone new to Takase's music not being instantly won over by Two for Two. She likes the playful composer pianists, performing Monk here, and Fats Waller and Carla Bley elsewhere. Part of the fun is her penchant for reversing variation and theme: Aki likes to build toward a written melody, so the tune seems to coalesce out of the improvising: pre hoc ergo propter hoc. But then she'll break it down again: coalescence and disintegration. For that process hear "My Tokyo," where a melody that could serve as a regal march is given a childlike naïve quality, Bley-like in that regard. Takase sometimes pens vaguely archaic tunes herself, such as "Two for Two" or the two-beat "Baumkuchen" – literally 'tree cake,' named for all the rings in that classic cake's cross-section. It's a sweet thing with a lot of layers, like this music. (Those cakes are popular in Japan.) On "My Tokyo," "Hell und dunkel" and elsewhere, Han is in his familiar quasi-combative mode, applying constant, modulating pressure. But "Baumkuchen" shows his love of The groove, with a genial ricky-tick air in this case, as he demonstrates typically immaculate snare technique. He starts with that and only gradually works cymbals, toms, bass drum and hi-hat into the mix; then there's a rapid ascent up Mt. Bennink, before they ease back into the charming melody, slower this time. Still, a couple of tracks surprised even this longtime Bennink-watcher. He lays way back in quiet support, as if he's so engrossed in what Aki's doing, he doesn't want to miss a note, and no wonder."-Kevin Whitehead
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