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Electronic Meditation is the quite wild first release by Tangerine Dream, recorded in 1969 and released in 1970 on OHR. Unlike their later albums, there are no synthesizers here, only lots of 'effects' and imagination. The band is a trio of Edgar Froese-guitar, organ, piano, effects, Klaus Schulze-drums, percussion, effects and Conrad Schnitzler-cello, violin, guitar, effects with two important guests: Jimmy Jackson (later of Passport and Embryo) on organ and Thomas Keyserling on flute. Definitely their most out-rock release, this is a slab of wild psychedelic krautrock that has aged well.

"Recorded in Berlin in October 1969, the album featured the first Tangerine Dream line-up of Edgar Froese (guitars, organ, tapes, sound effects), Klaus Schulze (drums, percussion) and Conrad Schnitzler (cello, violin, typewriter). Upon its release in 1970 "Electronic Meditation” and tracks such as ‘Journey Through A Burning Brain’ would define a genre of music and herald the massive creative musical explosion that would emerge in Germany in the early seventies. This Esoteric Reactive edition is newly remastered, fully restores the original album artwork and includes a lavishly illustrated booklet with new essay."
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Excellent sound on this reissue,....but there may be some new "edits" (?) although I haven't checked it against my older CD issues. This is the first time I've ever heard this release without the distortions and jarring "crackling" sounds that seemed to be inherant in all the old masterings. For that alone it's a joy to hear. But ,like I've said,I seem to remember some different inter-song effects that no-longer are here,especially between the last two tracks ,which now just "fade" out and then back in. Other than that,this is a fine presentation of an album full of mad invention,...with not one synth in ear-shot too!The liner notes are very informative,like all of the new Reactive reissues of TD. Finally no "hype" ,just a good bit of history. Plus pictures from the album's era too. Well done ,and well worth the money.
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