Tangerine Dream - Live in America 1992 DVD + CD (special)

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This was filmed in the USA when the band toured in support of their Rockoon album.

"First time I've ever seen this concert DVD.Not great,but fairly good. Show was taped on October 25,1992 at the Paramount Center in New York. Plenty of beautiful images,scenery and a little bit of psychedelic visuals spliced in with the tunes the band performs. Tracks I liked the best were "Treasure Of Innocence","Oriental Haze"(I'm sure this came from the 'Risky Business' movie),"Phaedra" and "Hamlet". Quality of the live footage of the band onstage isn't the best,but acceptable. Decent German 'new age' electronics at work here. Simply let the music take you away."-Mike Reed
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  • Region CodingRegion 1 & 4
  • LabelEagle
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