Tango Saloon - Don't Close Your Eyes/Dance Of The Ivory Stiletto CD single

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"Romero Records is very happy to announce the brand new single for The Tango Saloon, 'Don't Close Your Eyes' featuring vocalist Elana Stone.

Since the beginning, The Tango Saloon have been a band of quiet achievers, producing three albums of brooding spaghetti western scores, post prog rock epics, a smattering of actual tango, and some beautiful vocal performances from the likes of Jane Sheldon, Ilan Kidron and Mike Patton.

The self-titled debut was released by Mike Patton's Ipecac label in 2006, followed by Transylvania (2008) and Shadows & Fog (2012).

'Don't Close Your Eyes' is the second single to be released ahead of the band's forthcoming fourth album, following on from last year's 'In Black And White'. A spaghetti western electro-pop miniature, featuring the beautiful soaring vocals of Elana Stone, who also wrote the lyrics, and B-side ‘Dance Of The Ivory Stiletto’."
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