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“An all-time classic from the vast fields of eclectic prog that most probably will never grow old for as long as there are demanding listeners. Atabal Yemal, recorded in 1979, is a gigantic clockwork formation of perfectly synchronized small parts that melt into surreal supple space. At times, symphonically weeping woodwinds in dialogue with zeuhl at its darkest, as the surface antithesis is resolved by a strange attractor that swallows them and then leaves a trombone pondering all alone ‘what has just happened?’. At times, ferocious guitar attacks a la John Zorn, receding into a placid swan lake. This might as well be the soundtrack to a fantasy theatrical play, as it is so oneirically evocative as a multilayered impossible building with metonymic floors that refer incessantly up, down and sideways.
The album has been remastered from the original tapes and includes a bonus cd with previously unreleased tracks from the Atabal Yemal 1979 recording sessions, plus live tracks and a 12-page booklet packed with original bios, photos and paraphernalia from Tempano’s 45 years in Progland. Furthermore, this edition features for the first time the very original cover that was intended for the initial Atabal Yemal release.”
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