Thieves Kitchen - The Water Road

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Thieves Kitchen are a British progressive rock band that I had heard of before but had never actually heard. With this, their fourth, I am glad I have finally heard them. It's very solidly in the 1970s progressive rock vein with lots of touches that veer towards the jazz/rock sound of the Canterbury bands like Caravan and Hatfield, with nice guitar work and really excellent and subtle keyboard work on organ, Fender Rhodes, mellotron and more. Although they're a UK band, the aforementioned 'excellent' keyboardist is Thomas Johnson, who was formerly with Anglagard! Completing the band is a female singer, a fretless electric bassist and a drummer, as well as lots of guest flute-work from Anna Holmgren, also formerly of Anglagard. This is the sound of solid players being comfortable with each other and creating a mood that is reminscent and influenced by many of my favorite progressive bands of that time period, without being afraid to (1) add their own voice to the mix and (2) have some contemporary touches as well. As far as 'progressive rock' goes, I can't imagine that this won't end up being one of the highlights of 2008; I enjoyed this a lot.
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