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Third Eye - Searching

"Shadoks reissues the second album by South African heavy proggers The Third Eye. Searching shortly followed after their debut, originally released by Polydor in 1969. Today, originals of this album are rare as gold-dust and among 2 or 3 others, the most valuable collector's items from South Africa. Many collectors who have basically everything in their collection are missing this one. The music is heavier, the lyrics full of political statements, and it's more psychedelic and a bigger step down into the musical underground. The 14-minute track "Awakening" is really amazing with tons of great organ parts and extra heavy fuzz-guitar. Members include: Ron Selby (lead guitar), Maurice Saul (vocals, lead guitar), Dawn Selby (piano, Hammond organ), Robbie Pavid (drums), and Mike Sauer (six-string bass)."
  • LabelShadoks
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