Thomsett, Rob - Yaraandoo / Hara (mini-lp sleeve)

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These two albums represent the rarest progressive rock albums from the 70s from Australia.
Rob Thomsett is a guitarist who recorded Yaraandoo in 1975 and pressed 100 copies.
It's kind of primitive and kind of grungy in a Kraut-rockian way, with guitars, synths, Mellotron, etc.
Hara was the follow up and is more obviously 'proggy' and sounds more like a band-effort.

"Australia's burnt landscape is sketched in hypnotic washes of Moog oscillations, Bamboo flutes and tape delay. The 40,000 year-old sound of antediluvian Aboriginal folklore is channeled through Mellotron, dilatory jazz guitar solos, and avant cross rhythms, all symbolizing the harsh and isolated landscape of rural Australia. Yaraandoo is a bold sound exploration never attempted this adventurously again with this country."-from the original liner notes.

" A cosmic trip into an imaginary, psychotic Australian landscape awash with dreamlike flutes and layers of organic mellotron looped to infinity. Rob Thomsett's guitar playing on this is stupendous. The only criticism I have to make is how short the sides are. One feels these songs could keep going a little longer."-rateyourmusic

“Taking in impressionistic hazy instrumental jazz … muscular fusion moves, solo Mellotron pieces as heavenly as anything Beethoven or Handel ever concocted, extremely loose-limbed ethno-fusion soundscapes of the Don Cherry/Pharoah Sanders variety, film soundtracks ... and electronic experimentalism ... hair-raising, soul-searching beauty – with an overall dreamy, hazy quality that perhaps could only be written by an Australian fully conversant with the “Dreamtime” cultural feel for the myths and legends of the Outback.”-Julian Cope’s Head Heritage.
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