Thoth Trio - Thoth Speaks

This is the second album by this Pittsburgh sax, double bass, drums trio who play a 00's take on modern jazz that is very composed with a lot of tricky interplay between the instruments, but that also allows a lot of room for improvisation as well. Some of you will remember leader Ben Opie for his work with the under-appreciated Watershed Quintet.

"I've sometimes been asked, what do you call this music? I stammer out some sort of answer, though the question seems irrelevent to me. It's not that I have any pretensions (I hope) that what we do is particularly original. Kevin Whitehead once wrote (not about us), take the average person off the street, put them in front of the group, what would they say this music is? They'd say it's jazz. So I guess we're a jazz group, for lack of a better description. I think we try to avoid the, I don't know, cliches and problems one would associate with a standard jazz group. I think we bring a real intensity to our music, and have developed a repertoire of largely original works."

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