Tortoise - Why Waste Time?

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"Why Waste Time is a brand new, Japanese-only CD release from Tortoise. 'Ruba'iyat' and 'Passerine' are both exclusive to this release and have never before been released. 'Gigantes (Mark Ernestus Version)' previously appeared on a 12" vinyl only EP (Thrill 12.34) that is long sold out. 'Ice Ice Gravy' was previously only available as an I-Tunes bonus track. In addition to the 30+ minutes of music there are two live videos of Tortoise performing in 2009 at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and also a music video for the song 'Prepare Your Coffin'. The track 'Ruba'iyat' is an improvisation performed on the Suzuki Omnichord OM-84 (modified by Ben Houston @ Folktek), and the Folktek 'Luminist Garden' (created by Arius Blaze). It is a one pass duo improvisation, with minimal editing. 'Passerine' is composed entirely from the banks of samples that the band uses for live shows. These include keyboard parts, drum patterns, guitar/bass samples, atmospherics/random noise, and vocal sounds that appear in their original form within the recorded versions of the songs on all of the albums. Here they have been recontextualized, unusual blendings and pairings creating an entirely new composition which bears little or no relation to any of the pieces from which the sounds were sourced."
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