Toshiaki, Sudoh - Mobile Suite

Sudoh Toshiaki is the drummer and leader of the excellent Canterbury-influenced jazz/rock band Machine and The Synergetic Nuts. They put out two pretty great albums in the late 90s/early 00s and have been silent every since (although they are still around, at least as a live unit).

Still, many of our customers remember them fondly.

This is a CD featuring Sudoh performing all the musical parts on drums, keyboards, computers, bass, etc. What is mostly sounds like is a demo recording for a album of new material by Machine & The Synergetic Nuts.

"Effectively a solo work by bassist Sudoh Toshiaki, who also plays all the other instruments on this impressive independent release. In 15 parts, this is full-band, complicated, tuneful, prog-inflected material, scarily well arranged and played - that turns on a dime and sounds extremely convincing. It’s hard to believe one person did all this. Slight echoes of Musica Urbana on occasion but mostly it has its own quasi-rock aesthetic. Impressive."-Chris Cutler
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