Tracker - How I Became an Alien

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"Tracker's 2009 EP „man made noise“ was the thing nobody counted on. 3 guys trapped in their DIY Studio amid the Tyrolean mountains, created a bastard consisting of varied elements of desert rock, Kraut, psychedelia and noise that was rarely heard in Austria. The respective Mad Heads were charmed and the EP, although never officially released, was voted best national record by fm4's (Austria's leading alternative radio station) “house of pain” crew. For a proper release of the record Sulatron's Dave Schmidt was contacted, whom the band met at the Duna Jam Festival in Sardinia. Now his Psychedelia-Spacerock Label is the new home of the band. 'How I became an Alien' contains some songs from last year's EP which have been eworked, and some new tracks like 'tight fit', 'blower' and 'impregnated eye'. Tracker create soundscapes in the classic rock trio format with guitar/bass/drums/vocals. These are only cornerstones for a much more multilayered sound. Nasty sounds from self built fuzz boxes meet psychedelic space parts, kaossilators compete with bizarre iPhone-synths, fat desert riffs dance with grumpy lo-fi beats and the dusty elegance of desert rock is hijacked by monotone kraut-beats."
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