Trans Am - The Surveillance CD

3rd album from Bethesda, Maryland's post rock/electronic heroes...

"Trans Am's third and most controversial album, The Surveillance, marks a new direction for them as it is the first that they recorded and mixed entirely by themselves. Like their two previous full length releases, this record is a mixture of rock and electronic sounds. However, it features less lush production than Surrender to the Night, instead moving from sparse and paranoid electronic jams to balls-to-the-walls rockers. To create the eerie mechanical grooves, several drum machines, keyboards, and effects processors were added to their tremendously outdated arsenal."

"On The Surveillance, Trans Am wipes away the smirk with a swift kick to the face. "Armed Response" straps an overdriven Steve Albini guitar riff to drums that pound like a herd of elephants. Gone are the cheeky genre exercises, replaced with a more confident mix of straightforward electro jams like "Home Security" and the triumphant, high-energy rocker that follows it. This is definitely as close to Slint and June of 44 as Trans Am comes. For fans of the serious-minded Trans Am, it doesn't get any better than this." - Trouser Press
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