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"Once upon a time...back in the ancient era of the 70s there was a fantastic but little known German fusion band called Katamaran. They made three phenomenal albums that would send Return To Forever fans into ecstasy. Then they were gone. Guitarist Franz Holtmann is 1/3 of Trinity Xperiment.
A bit later in the 90s...perhaps not so ancient...there was an intense German fusion band called Matalex. Keyboardist Matthias Krauss was an active member. He is 1/3 of Trinity Xperiment.
Bassist Gudze...I can't say I'm familar with. The bio says he's known for playing with current crossover band H-Blockx. I'm not sure what a crossover band is but I can tell you he plays the hell out of the bass. He is the final 1/3 of Trinity Xperiment.
The trio are augmented by drummer Jost Nickel and, on one track, violinist Neyveli S. Radhakrishna.
The results of this combination is something that embraces their fusion heritage but updated to something contemporary sounding but not commercial. Clearly progressive there is lots of space given to the musicians. Long tracks with plenty of atmosphere mixed with plenty of firepower. Anaesthesia doesn't bludgeon you over the head. Instead the music demands your attention because there is so much going on in the fabric of the soundscape - its generally not a barrage of notes (although at times there are). Plenty of welcome subtlety. The capper is it was mixed analogue with beautiful sound. Highly recommended."-Ken Golden
  • LabelAfraid Of Sunlight
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