Trower, Robin - Something's About To Change

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Seeing Trower about 4-5 years ago gave me a profoundly strong respect for him as a guitarist and bandleader. I hope I sound this good at 70!

"March 9th is Robin Trower’s 70th birthday and we are the ones who get a present that day with the release of Something’s About to Change. You do not keep recording at that age unless you have a real passion for music. Robin has been quoted as saying “I still enjoy making music. I practically live for playing the guitar.” and just like his last critically acclaimed Roots and Branches his passion for the guitar shows.

One of the first things that will stand out to you as you listen is of course Robin’s world-class guitar work. This album is filled with a whole lot of groove packed slow blues that allow Robin to occupy the space between lyric lines with little short guitar fills which morph into beautiful solos. I will be honest, though, I threw this disc on without doing any reading on who the musicians were. By the third track, the funky “Riff No. 7 (Still Alive),” I was intrigued to find out whom the bass player was – turns out that it’s Robin laying down that powerful groove on the bass for the whole album along with Chris Taggart on the drums and Luke Smith on organ.

“Dreams That Shone like Diamonds” is slow cathartic blues where Robin sings, “I had dreams that shown like diamonds run through my hands like so much dust.” For the solo Robin rings a seriously full atmospheric tone from his Fender as he laments the lost dreams thorough his guitar. Other standout tracks include the title track “Something’s About to Change” along with “Gold to Grey” and the relatively up-tempo “The One Saving Grace.”

Robin’s recording history speaks for itself. How many artists have an album like his 1974’s Bridge of Sighs that many of today’s great guitar players will point at when they are asked to list albums that influenced them. After all this time Robin can still deliver an album packed with slow bluesy jams that true guitar lovers will enjoy."-Blues Rock Review
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