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"Vainica Doble's debut is a landmark of european psychedelia, totally sung in spanish y qué bien que ha quedado! Two girls (Carmen Santonja & Gloria Van Aerssen) with golden throats and hauting lyrics; tons of emotional orchestral arrangements; christian rock with acid electric guitars; ghostly children singing and running over the hills... This CD edition added all music recorded for the label Ópalo between 1971-1972, their homonymous album and some early singles ("Refranes", "Las Doce Caras de Eva", "Oh!, Jesús" and "El Evangelio Según San Lucas"). So, it's a mandatory release to all psychedelic rock collectors. "Caramelo de Limón", one of their greatest hits, is an eerie masterpiece of psych-spanish-rock filled with exhilarating guitar riffs, incredible drumming and gorgeous female ha-ha-ha-ha's; "Dime Félix" has a background of female's whispering that sounds creepy and it's about a pigeon killed by a raged husband, it's all so tearful... Those two openers, now timeless numbers, were enough to our stimulating nerves, there's something here that we never heard before - and that's good, truly good, yeah, si muy bueno! This wonderfully dated music glows like it was kept inside some magic wardrobe: now a naughty goblin, then a frenzied cat, now a lonely girl, then a hymn against the killing of the whales, stories about mischievous birds, a myope lover, again a stunning psych gem with acid guitar and UFO ("Guru Zakun Kin Kon"); more children lullabies and more lullabies 'til the final chord. And then the bonus tracks (the singles A & B sides): "Las Doce Caras de Eva", "Oh!, Jesús" and "El Evangelio Según San Lucas" are all sunny christian psych-rock numbers, give a wow! for those bold acid guitars, an occasional scream and beatific rock & roll. A must!"-Anton Bildern/Rate Your Music

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