Viddal, Mathilde Grooss / Friensemblet - El A Aiun

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" of the more thrilling albums of 2014.... it’s a touch of old school ECM Records, of folk and jazz in a mesmerizing synthesis, of Don Cherry’s heartbreaking cries on Dona Nostra...The title-track ends the album with its biggest show of adventurism. A low drone and a high sigh like the wind whistling through a low valley. A chant. It’s a spiritual moment that recalls Alice Coltrane’s unguarded soul-on-the-sleeve work of the early 1970s ... The song ends with thick harmonies decaying at the edges and shouting up to the heavens… the same wild abandon and boundless creativity that typify this excellent recording."-Bird Is The Worm

El A Aiun, which translates as "Across The Border", is the fourth album that I know of, by composer, saxophonist and bass clarinetist Mathilde and her band Friensemblet. This is a program of engaging compositional material presented by a band of fine players, who I believe are all youngsters, none of whom I have heard of, with the exception of Ellean Andrea Wang, of Pixel.

This is swinging and composerly and you can hear a track for yourself below, which I recommend you do! Highly recommended!

Mathilde Grooss Viddal - Bandleader, Soprano & Tenor Saxophones, Bass Clarinet
Safaa Al-Saadi - Darbouka, Nay, Vocal
Britt Pernille Frøholm - Hardanger Fiddle, Violin
Tellef Kvifte - Laptop, Electronics, Keyboard
Dag Stiberg - Alto Saxophone
Gunnar Halle - Trumpet
Per Willy Aaserud - Trumpet, Electronics
Øyvind Brække - Trombone
Knut Kvifte Nasheim - Vibraphone, Percussion
Siv Øyunn Kjenstad - Drums
Ellen Andrea Wang - Double Bass

"Outstanding large ensemble... An expansive viewpoint... Nordic Jazz ...the folksy charm...Just sensational. The kind of boundless creativity one hopes for in their artists. Pick of the Week."-Wondering Sound

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