Vinskevich, Leonid/Nick Vintskevich/Joel Taylor/Kip Reed - Singularity

"Seeds were sown in 2003 when Joel Taylor played in Moscow; a couple of years later Kip Reed played ‘Jazz Provinc' Festival in Russia with the Vintskeviches. This matured into the quartet and this studio recording in 2008
From Russia: Leonid and Nick Vintskevich (piano and saxophone)
and from USA: Joel Taylor (drums) and Kip Reed (bass guitar)"

"A surprising record on a couple of levels. First, this is a Russian quartet led by Leonid Vintskevich (Fender Rhodes) and Nick Vintskevich (saxes). Second, Singularity is a paradoxical record made of rather uninteresting "soft" romantic jazz numbers mixed in with fusion-like near-avant-garde pieces with attitude. The title track, in particular, is a gutsy composition with a strong groove. The Vintskeviches make an apt pair, Nick's smooth sound blending in suitably well with the velvety sound of Leonid's electric piano."-Francois Couture
  • LabelSLAM
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