Vomit Fist - Omnicide

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Lurkrot - drums & vocals
Skrag - vocals
Vürdoth - guitar
Samuel Smith - bass on 4
Jon Ehlers - bass on 5
Alex Geisel - second guitar on bonus track

“Vomit Fist hails from New York City, delivering hard, fast blackened grindcore with ultra-high energy stage performances. Founders Nick Vürdoth Didkovsky (leader of Doctor Nerve) and his son Leo Lurkrot Didkovsky teamed up with Malcolm Skrag the Screecher Hoyt and burst onto the underground metal scene in 2013...."

“Omnicide is the second chapter of the mythos that began with the first Vomit Fist EP Forgive But Avenge. The band takes their music to new level of intensity and poetry. Two tracks proudly feature guest bassists Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain, Luminous Vault) and Jon Ehlers (Bangladeafy).”

"The Frogvasion assault fails even as the Human defenses collapse, exacting omnicidal cost from both Homo sapiens and the Frogmen. A sea of rotting bile swirls with ripe corpses. A wind blows across the frothing peaks while rising swarms of flies masquerade as plumes of war-smoke. An ecosystem of death; rotting corpses stuffed with egg sacks; a soldier's gas mask teams with ova soaked in putrid fluids. The triumphant sky-hoard of Muscidae yearns for the diminishing sun with a moribund embrace. This is Omnicide."

  • LabelPunos Music
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Received my Vomit Fist Omnicide CD and on the first listen see the Vomitfistian Universe has a worthy successor to their debut recording Forgive but Avenge! Beginning with Sleep Paralysis, the soundscape begins to emerge. Things continue to grow until we get to the immense Single-minded Annhilation. An epic track weaving a complex soundscape of major ass kicking proportion! Mass Mutation is change to a very different soundscape that leads into the anger and hopelessness of Remnant Light. Death Process harkens back to Forgive But Avenge. Overgrowth is the light to the shade of Death Process. Leading another sound journey. Choir of the Submerged Church is a vocal change and new feel then more sonic carnage. Ending in vocal harmony. The bonus track Mind-artiface Espionage is full on sonic carnage to finish the recording. A nice addition is the added bass and guitar parts on some tracks to this recording. I really like the next step in the Vomit Fist journey!
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Omnicide featured in Sonic Abuse's "Top 25 Albums Of 2019" http://www.sonicabuse.com/sonicabuses-top-25-albums-of-2019/
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