Widemann, Benoit - Stress! CD

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Benoit Widemann – Minimoog, Moog bass, RSF synthesizer, Oberheim Polyphonic, piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, Hammond organ, Rythmusic system
Clement Bailly – drums
Guy Delacroix – bass
Patrick Gauthier – Minimoog, Chevalets
Patrice Tison – guitar
Jean-Pierre Fouqey – Oberheim Polyphonic
Bruno Menny – Rythmus system
Emmanuelle Parrenin – vocals
Huges de Courson – vocals

Benoit was the keyboardist for Magma from 1975 to 1978. Additionally, he released a few solo albums in the mid/late 70's, of which this was the first. A keyboard/Moog-dominated record that at times gets amazingly heavy in a wild screaming synthi fusion way and at other times is very wonderfully atmospheric. It is perhaps comparable in timbre and tone to Jan Hammer's best work post Mahavishnu. Some of the material is solo and some features some unbelievably great guests.
If you are a fan of 70s music and synths, boy oh boy is this ever for you!
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