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Zankel, Bobby - A Change of Destiny CD

SKU 39-CD-MAHA-058
Bobby Zankel - alto saxophone
Jaleel Shaw - alto saxophone
Robin Eubanks - trombone
Diane Monroe - violin
Ruth Naomi Floyd - voice
Sumi Tonooka - piano
Lee Smith - bass
Pheeroan AkLaff - drums & percussion

“Most of the music on this recording I originally conceived and composed between 2009-2011, as the score for a dance project, “Spirits Break to Freedom” that was a collaboration with dancer/ choreographer Germaine Ingram, and visual artist John Dowell. The piece was a multi-tiered exploration of the practice of slavery in our nation’s first “Presidents House”, that was located in Philadelphia’s Independence Square. I have added two vocal pieces that are based around the words and ideas of 2 of the 20/21 century’s greatest activist/philosophers- Daisaku Ikeda and El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcom X).”
  • LabelMahakala
  • UPC195269248703
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