Zappa, Frank / The Mothers Of Invention - Absolutely Free CD (expanded)

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"Analog transfer 2012 by Joe Travers and re-mastered by Doug Sax 2012. All track times identical to the Ryko version but audibly different." What does this mean? It means I'm gonna take it home this weekend and give it a good, hard listen!

The Mothers' 2nd album, recorded in 1966, and unbelievably assured and nervy. Includes the two "underground oratorios" as well as both sides of their contemporary 'smash flop single' "Big Leg Emma" and "Why Don'T You Do Me Right". 'The beginnings of 'progressive rock' are contained within, Grasshopper...' (And I don't remember my lp copy bought when I was 15 having Frank's name stuck on the spine before the Mother's name, but for simplicity and filing sake, I'll do it too)
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