Zappa, Frank - Wazoo 2 x CDs

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Fantastic archival release in really very fine sound considering that this is a 20 piece band and just had to be a nightmare to sonically capture. This is one of only 8 shows performed by the 20 piece Mothers of Invention/Grand Wazoo band and is the final show by the band from Boston, September 24, 1972. I remember just learning about Frank's music and wanting to see him and reading the review of this band's D.C. show (I saw him the next tour). This short-lived period is Frank at one of his peaks musically and in terms of arranging for musical color outside of his 'classical works' and the best parts of this smokes in a great, big, big band jazz-rock way. Exciting and vital. Wow. With many of the players from "The Grand Wazoo" album plus Ian Underood, Bruce Fowler and Ruth Underwood!
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