Zorn, John - Naked City Black Box-20th Anniversary Edition: Torture Garden/Leng Tch'e CD

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"The controversial and influential Naked City Black Box couples two of Zorn's most extreme and violent creations. Torture Garden (1991) presents Naked City's intense and groundbreaking music combining free jazz, bebop, r&b, country, funk, rockabilly, surf, metal and grindcore—usually in the same song! The rare, seldom heard Leng Tch'e (1992), released only in Japan and long out-of-print features Naked City in an agonizingly slow, brutal 32-minute assault. This special 20th anniversary edition brings all the music together on one CD, accompanied by a booklet complete with artwork, photos and essays old and new."
Joey Baron: Drums
Yamataka Eye: Vocals
Bill Frisell: Guitar
Fred Frith: Bass
Wayne Horvitz: Keyboards
John Zorn: Alto Sax
  • LabelTzadik
  • UPC702397731221
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Four stars for the music. I don't know what to say about the photos.....I am referring to Leng Tche. Be forwarned that unlike other Zorn "torture" photos...this is a particularly gruesome set. Other releases have consentual adults doing "forbidden acts" to each-other,...this has photo's of a Chinese (I believe woman,although the liners say it's a man) being cut into "one hundred pieces" (what "Leng Tche" means)...in the last public execution in this style in China. It's particularly nauseating,...especially knowing this was done ,most likely, to some poor "enemy of the state". Just so you know. The music is well done....the photo's need not be shown,especially since Zorn seems to enjoy them so.
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