Øresund Space Collective - Sleeping With The Sunworm CD

Recorded October 4-5, 2008 by this great, Danish, all-improvising, instrumental spacerock outfit. This is a terrific band who are not as appreciated as they should be and whom are awaiting greater discovery by fans of the genre.

“The music on this album was recorded during the October 2008 sessions that gave us the 'Dead Man In Space' and 'Slip Into The Vortex' releases. 'Sleeping With The Sunworm' is a 56 minutes space rock jam (originally released on CD in 2011), which is split into three parts for ease of play. It starts very slow heavy and spacey with a massive sound, before the track heads into new directions with some beautiful guitar. An up-tempo section develops after ca. 15 minutes and features some intense guitar and synthesizer interaction. Due to an out of tune synthesizer, a new synthesizer section was overdubbed by Mogens. Magnus also replaced one of his guitar sections but other than these two small sections it is a completely improvised piece of music. Now, after more then 10 years it is finally out on vinyl! As an added bonus (on vinyl only), a jam from the same sessions, with which they had some technical issues (the guitar tracks were missing after the first couple of minutes), has been resurrected and Greg Kozlowski (Architectural Metaphor) was kind enough to make a series of synth and guitar overdubs. This track is called 'Awaken'.”
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