4S'd : Tom Scott / Paul Sears / Mark Stanley / Billy Swann - Man Or Muffin CD

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Since The Muffins box set has re-awakened everyone to all great things Muffiny, we are giving this excellent and over-looked album another shot at the spotlight!

Tom Scott - composition, clarinet, alto clarinet, oboe, flute, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, grand piano, keyboards, vocals, and small percussion
Billy Swann-bass
Mark Stanley-guitar
Paul Sears-drums

Bands are hard, gang. Even bands that have been together (and apart) for decades and decades and whose members have real love for each other. It's still hard to keep a band together forever.
Around 2011-12, The Muffins started working on a 'big band' project, which got pretty far along before 'creative differences' tore the project and eventually the band apart. Again.
Meanwhile, this album, which is re-worked versions of the compositions that Tom wrote for the big-band albums, is a very good and interesting, quite UN-Muffiny, thoroughly composed, very dense album that I previously thought featured a lot of computer work along with the 'real' instruments and players, but which Paul recently informed me that there was no computer work on and everything was 'played by musicians' with no computer assistance. Makes it even more impressive!
As long as you are interested in creative music and not looking for an album by The Muffins, you'll probably really like this.

"4S'd is a project by Tom Scott, Paul Sears, Mark Stanley, and Billy Swann. Tom, Billy, and Paul hail from the critically acclaimed The Muffins [and Mark Stanley is a great guitarist who was formerly in Chainsaw Jazz, among others]. Our first 4S'd release is Man or Muffin. All of the music was composed and produced by Tom Scott.

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