Abdenour, Christine / Chris Corsano - Quand Fond La Neige, Où Va Le Blanc?

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“American drummer Chris Corsano and French saxophonist Christine Abdelnour have been working as aduo for several years and perform regularly in Europe. The disc « Quand fond la neige, où va le blanc ?» (Where Does the White Go When the Snow Melts?) is the highlight of their teaming.
The association of the two most talented musicians of the "new" generation offers a music of incredible richness in which the duo merges like tectonic plates of different densities, moving through intricate and complex sounds, transparent and fragile.
A continuous flow where scratches and intermittent metallic resonances are distinguished from thesinusoidal waves created by the saxophonist. Both musicians explore all possible levels of volume, timbre, density, while respecting a common needfor space and breathing. The interaction seems to be based on a principle of permanent respect and balance between each musician.
The title of the disc, « quand fond la neige, où va le blanc ?", is an apocryphal quote, often attributed to Shakespeare but whose origin remains uncertain. It reflects the emergence of a sound which we do not know when it begins and where it ends. Where does the sound go when it is not only presence and vibration but also virtuality and resonance? The distance is canceled between the two musicians. Their music becomes an abstract space of sharing where we are confronted with the origin of the sound, its belonging, its displacement and its finality.”
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