Agitation Free - Shibuya Nights: Live in Tokyo (special edition) CD + DVD

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One of the greatest of the Krautrock greats, their intertwining dual guitars with synths and rhythm section made them truly the intergalactic Grateful Dead. Nice to see that they are still burning and - based on this - burning brightly! This new edition comes in a digipack and includes a DVD with concert footage from Berlin and Burg Herzberg Festivals!

"Of all of the experimental groups who emerged in Germany the early 1970s, Agitation Free was certainly one of the most musically adventurous. From their beginnings in Berlin in 1967, the band embraced the concept of performing long and free improvisations, experimenting with the use of liquid projectors, slide shows and their own films in live performances. The Beat Studio that Agitation Free initiated under the direction of Thomas Kessler also developed into the creative centre for the Berlin groups Ash Ra Tempel and Tangerine Dream. The sound of Agitation Free featured the pioneering electronics of Michael Hoenig, one of Germany s best musicians when creating atmospheric melodies and powerful-layered soundscapes which both enhanced and defined the band s style. Also featured were guitarists Lutz Ulbrich and Gustl Lutjens whose magic fingers could conjure up exotic Eastern scales or soaring melodic melodies with ease. Drummer Burghard Rausch and bassist Michael Fame Günther were a polyrhythmic rhythm section extraordinaire that propelled the music."
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