Mastermind - Excelsior!

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Unbelievably great price on a great release. Mastermind were one of the very first of the new progressive revival bands who began to emerge in the late 1980s. They were a guitar power trio whose guitarist and leader (Bill Berends) used midi-guitar to (at times) emulate the sound of keyboards. I suppose that that seems kind of quaint now, but at the time it was incredibly exciting! This was their fifth album and also, imo, by far their best album. Instead of being a symphonic rock band, they changed directions pretty heavily here. This one featured a really great, heavy, instrumental fusion sound. It features Bill Berends-guitars and bass, Rich Berends-drums & killer keyboardist Jen Johansson (from Rainbow, among other things). At times this reaches Jan Hammer/Mahavishnu intensity; it's real good and big fun! A smoker! Highly recommended.

"This is one of those releases that features musicians playing exactly the right kind of guitar riffs, drum lines, and keyboard runs. Much ado has been made over such 1999 releases as VertĂș, with its huge monetary backing. Well, Bill Berends on fusion axe, Rich Berends on killer drums, and Jens Johansson on dazzling keys are several notches above the dynamic fusion of even VertĂș. These guys give it 110 percent and everything smokes and sizzles, with absolutely no filler, no weak tracks, and no intrusive vocals. For headbanging, spine-tingling, fiery-fused abandon, play these two tracks first -- "On the Road By Noon" and then "Sudden Impulse." Yes, you'll hear the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Excelsior! is one of those releases that is firmly a must-have for fusion folks. Bill Berends, on fiery riffage guitars, is driven by the maddening wall of brother Rich's drumming. This is Mastermind in its prime. But there is much more. Fusion and rock genius Johansson joins the team on explosive keys and synth bass. If you loved the Mahavishnu Orchestra and enjoyed Johansson's fusion projects with Allan Holdsworth, Shawn Lane, and Mike Stern, then find Mastermind's return to the primal roots of killer fusion."-John Patterson/All Music Guide
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